Military Discharge (DD 214)

MemorialParkThe Recorder’s Office maintains copies of Veteran’s Discharge papers (DD-214). When an individual leaves military service they receive discharge paperwork, commonly referred to as a DD-214.  It is the responsibility of the service member to have this document recorded.  Military service organizations STRONGLY SUGGEST RECORDING this document to ensure availability of a certified copy in the event the original document is lost or destroyed. There is no charge for recording of these documents or for copies to authorized agents.

The Williams County Recorder’s Office only has records of Veteran’s Discharge documents that have been submitted for recording by the veteran or their representative. If your have questions about recording this document please contact the Recorder’s Office or the Williams County Veteran’s Services at 419-636-8812.

There are no costs for an authorized party to receive a copy of a  Veteran’s Service Discharge (also referred to as a DD-214).  However because the DD-214 is not a public record until it is recorded for 75 years an authorized party must request this document.  Per Ohio Revised Code 317.24 part (1) an authorized party means any of the following:

  • The person who is the subject of the record of discharge;
  • A county veterans service officer who is certified by the department of veterans services;
  • An attorney-in-fact, agent, or other representative of the person who is the subject of the record of discharge, if authorized to inspect or copy the record of discharge by that person in a power of attorney or other document;
  • A person authorized, for good cause shown, by a court of record to inspect or copy the record of discharge;
  • If the person who is the subject of the record of discharge is deceased, the executor or administrator, or an heir, legatee, or devisee, of the person’s estate or a funeral director who is to perform the funeral for the deceased person.