Instrument Checklist

Prior to bringing a document into the Recorder’s Office, take a moment to review a document to assure it meets regulatory requirements and guidelines. Also, if you aren’t certain about additional regulations regarding the document please call.

Here are a few things to check prior to bringing a document to the Recorder’s office:

  1. Anywhere there is a signature on the document there needs to be a corresponding printed or typed name. ORC 317.11
  2. There must be a “Prepared by” statement on the document. ORC 317.11
  3. Be certain that appropriate notary seals are included.
  4. Documents must be legible and allow for reproduction or scanning that provides a legible copy. ORC 317.12
  5. Entire document must be in English, or be a certified English translation. ORC 317.113
  6. All conveyances must have the auditor’s stamp prior to recording.  ORC 317.22   The conveyance requirements are in ORC 319.202 or you may call the auditor’s office 419.636.5639.
  7. Documents must have an appropriate legal description.  Some documents require legal descriptions to be approved by the engineer’s office 419.636.2454 prior to recording.
  8. Properly reference previously recorded documents when necessary for marginal notations.  There is an additional fee for marginal notations.
  9. Page Format Requirements ORC 317.114
    • Documents must be legible print size, font no smaller than 10pt.
    • Minimum paper size is eight and one half inches by eleven inches (8-1/2 x 11).
    • Maximum paper size is eight and one half inches by fourteen inches (8-1/2 x 14).
    • Black or blue ink only.
    • No highlighting anywhere in the document.
    • First page must have a three inch (3″) top margin.
    • Each additional page must have a one and a half inch (1-1/2″) top margin.
    • Every page must have side margins of one inch (1″).
    • Every page must have a bottom margin of one inch (1″).
  10. Make certain that you have included the appropriate fee. Any page with writing is charged as a separate page.
  11. Include a self addressed stamped envelope for return of the document.
  12. If you include a toll free number the Recorder’s office may call when there is an easily resolved issue.