Other Costs

There are numerous documents that the Recorder’s office manages. Most of the documents are identified as public record and accessible to anyone. The Recorder’s Office is able to fill most public records requests that are mailed in and include: complete description of information needed – commonly requested by Instrument Number or Volume, and Page; funds to cover cost of copies, and a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to mail the requested document.

Below is a list of additional document recording costs and the costs for document copies from the Recorder’s Office. The recorder’s office is not able to provide searches, we recommend that individuals hire professional title searchers for this. However, if you come to the courthouse our knowledgeable and courteous staff can assist with your search for the appropriate documents.

UCC Filings
Financing Statements pertaining to Real Estate $ 12.00
Related UCC Filings pertaining to Real Estate $ 12.00
For each name indexed in a UCC Filing $ 4.00
Terminations on UCCs not related to real estate (filed prior to July 1, 2001) $ 12.00
Searches on UCCs $ 20.00
Limited Search on one UCC document $ 5.00
Federal Tax Liens, other Federal Liens $ 5.00
Federal Tax Lien Releases $ 3.00
Personal Property Tax Liens no fee
Personal Property Tax Lien Releases $ 4.00
Bureau of Workers Compensation Lien no fee
Certificates of Premium Due, related filings, releases no fee
Recognizance Liens or Releases no fee
Unemployment Compensation (OBES) Lien no fee
Unemployment Compensation Lien Release $ 4.00
Surety Liens, Bond Filings $ 10.00
Plats & Condominium Drawings
Per Square Inch $ 0.10
Minimum $ 40.00
Veterans Service Discharge*
Certified Copy with valid identification no fee
Resolutions $ 100.00
Amendments, first page $ 20.00
each additional page $ 8.00
Copies (per page)
Self-copies $ 0.25
Staff Provided Copies $ 2.00
Certified Copy $ 3.00
Fax Transmission – local or toll-free $ 2.00
Fax Transmission – long distance $ 4.00

*Veteran’s Service Discharge (also referred to as a DD-214) is not a public record until it has been recorded for 75 years. However it is possible for someone other than the veteran to receive a copy as an authorized party.   Per Ohio Revised Code 317.24 part (1) an authorized party means any of the following:

  • The person who is the subject of the record of discharge;
  • A county veterans service officer who is certified by the department of veterans services;
  • An attorney-in-fact, agent, or other representative of the person who is the subject of the record of discharge, if authorized to inspect or copy the record of discharge by that person in a power of attorney or other document;
  • A person authorized, for good cause shown, by a court of record to inspect or copy the record of discharge;
  • If the person who is the subject of the record of discharge is deceased, the executor or administrator, or an heir, legatee, or devisee, of the person’s estate or a funeral director who is to perform the funeral for the deceased person.