Recording a Deed

The Williams County Recorder’s Office will only accept a document requiring a conveyance by mail if the Engineer’s and Auditor’s stamps are already on the document.  This includes deeds, land contracts, easements, affidavits and other documents that require a stamp from the Auditor’s office and/or Engineer’s office.

The Recorders’ Office will not walk a document through the Engineer or Auditor’s Office.

Deeds require conveyance and transfer fees that must be paid at the auditor’s office prior to recording ORC 317.22 .  The Auditor’s office will stamp the document once these fees are paid.  The conveyance requirements required by the Auditor are explained in ORC 319.202 or call the auditor’s office 419.636.5639.

The legal description might need approval from the Engineer’s office.  The Engineer’s office can be reached at 419.636.2454 to determine if the document requires their approval.